How much is a therapy session?

My charges differ according to location.

A session in Bristol is £50. In Weston super Mare it is £45. This difference is due to the additional cost of the venue I use.

I take payment in cash or I have a card machine. Whilst working online payment is via bank transfer. Payment is made at each session. I charge for missed sessions unless 48hours notice is given.

How do I make an appointment?

There are several ways you could get in touch with me.

This web page has an online form which you can use to send me an email message. I will respond as soon as I can and we can correspond by email or by telephone.

You could telephone me. Because I turn my phone off sometimes this may mean you get a voicemail message. Please do leave a message and I will call you back.

You could send an SMS text. I tend to look at the end of the day and so will not reply immediately. However I do always respond to voice message, email and SMS text. 

Where is the therapy room?

I have two locations, in Central Bristol & Weston super Mare. Once we have made your first appointment I will send you exact details of the address and instructions for the appointment. This will include details of parking and so on.

Venues do not have a waiting room and so it is important to arrive at your appointment time.

How long will I need to attend therapy for?

Everyone has different needs, which we can discuss from the outset. I do not tend to prescribe a particular number of sessions. We decide together how therapy is going and review this periodically.

You can expect to continue for at least six weeks and some people will continue for several months or even a number of years. This depends on how you feel about therapy and what you would like the outcome to be.

I’m in a crisis, I need help now, what shall I do?

When you feel desperate it is important to connect with someone who you can trust. Reaching out can be hard but it will help in a time of crisis. Telephone or meet up with a friend. It may not be necessary to talk about your difficulties, instead just being in contact with someone who knows you can help you feel safe. In the middle of the night the Samaritans can help too. Telephone  116 123. You may not have to speak straight away, and they will understand how to be with you in your darkest times. Hold on, you will get through this.

COVID Pandemic and therapy- can we still meet?

During the COVID 19 pandemic I have continued to work with clients, using video-conferencing facilities. I am following government guidance to work from home.

I know that this might feel like a strange way of interacting, perhaps increasing a sense of self-consciousness. I understand this. I would not have previously considered this as a good substitute for face to face working. However, I have been proved wrong. It works very well and research supports its effectiveness. I have completed some comprehensive online training to help me work with clients effectively during this period.

As the pandemic abates I will eventually resume face to face working. I will have a vaccination as soon as I am invited to do so. There will be a phased approach with some in person and some online sessions as we increase our social contact and as more people become vaccinated.

What is a walking- talking appointment?

For some people sitting still in a room, face-to-face with a therapist can be anxiety provoking. If you feel that having a traditional appointment will not suit you, perhaps meeting with me and taking a gentle walk together, while still talking about the issues troubling you, can be a useful alternative.

It is important to meet first and go through an assessment of needs, which does include some note-taking. So the first meeting might still be face-to-face in the therapy room. However it can be shorter than an hour and the therapist and client will discuss what the best approach is together. If a walking-talking appointment seems like a good idea then a regular appointment can be made to meet at a pre-defined location. In Weston-super-Mare this might be along the beach or promenade. In Bristol this could be on The Downs. Together we will walk and talk at the same time