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My name is Janet Brandling.
At Hut Psychotherapy I offer counselling and psychotherapy.
This can be provided in private environment or as a walking-talking appointment.

I am a qualified Integrative Counselling Therapist. I am also completing a Masters degree in Integrative Psychotherapy at the Metanoia Institute. As well as my private practice I work as a therapist in the charitable sector and have worked in the NHS.  I am an individual member of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy and a student member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy. I am insured by Balens Insurance.

My principle philosophy is that we are all essentially people trying to making our way in the world with good intent. When working with people who are struggling, in crisis or distress (acute or chronic) I prefer to think "what happened to you and how is this affecting you" rather than "what is wrong with you". This leads us to your story, your strengths and your ways to survive (this is based on the Power Threat Meaning framework).

My general philosophy means I am able to work with a wide variety of people and like to consider the whole person, including their emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. I like to develop a good working relationship with clients and work in an open-ended way. This means I do not prescribe a set number of sessions. We always work together to see how long the therapy should last. I believe it is through developing a therapy relationship, where safety, confidentiality and trust are paramount that good therapeutic work can be done. I have particular interests in ongoing health conditions such as depression and anxiety, postnatal depression, chronic pain, unresolved trauma and relationship challenges. However sometimes people aren't sure what they want from life, therapy included, they just want to see if they can work it out by talking to someone outside their social circle. I welcome the 'not knowing', the sadness and the vulnerability. It is being with someone who really hears our thoughts, needs and troubles that we are able to work our way through distress and find some peace.

About me and my background 

My roots are in physical and mental health. My first training was as a registered general nurse. Later I studied psychology and became an assistant psychologist in a mental health organisation. More recently I have been conducting health research and evaluation and also supporting health professionals to carry out their own research. Out of personal interest I have studied bodywork and lay herbalism. I have an interest in groups, particularly women’s circle. I have set up a Red Tent women’s circle in Weston super Mare. Find details of this group and meeting dates below. Previously I have run a postnatal support group, for women who have identified as having postnatal depression. This broad history gives me a holistic and broad understanding of how people manage their own health and wellbeing.


To discuss your needs please get in touch. It is a good idea to arrange an initial appointment. My contact details are shown below.
At this appointment we can explore your therapy needs and goals and we can consider how we will be able to work together.

Appointments last 50 mins. I have both daytime and evening appointments
Cost £40- 45 per session depending on location.

It is completely normal to feel a bit anxious or worried about coming to therapy. I understand this. A good therapist will have had their fair share of therapy too and knows just how that first call or meeting feels. You have made a brave move to look for therapy and it takes a lot of courage to take that step. But it is a step towards real self awareness and wellbeing. Good luck!
Therapy can help with many issues, whether it is an immediate life challenge or a problem that began way back in your past.

Talk in confidence about what is on your mind

What is therapy?

What is therapy?

What is Counselling & Psychotherapy?

Counselling and Psychotherapy is often called the talking cure. People use this form of therapy for many reasons: to understand themselves better, to come to terms with traumas and losses, enhance relationships and to be able to make changes in their lives. Some people feel at the end of their tether and are looking for support , others want to develop themselves. It can be a relief to talk to someone who listens wholeheartedly and doesn't have an agenda for you.

What is Integrative Psychotherapy?

There are many different approaches to counselling and psychotherapy. These have developed over the 20th Century and continue to develop today. Integrative Psychotherapy is influenced by different theorists rather than one particular school of therapy.  The integrative therapist uses theory and practical experience to understand each client, usually providing a relational approach. This means that the therapist reflects on the aspects of relating to one another as a way of understanding the clients experience of relationships in the past and the present. It also means that the therapist is not a remote figure, interpreting what you say, but will engage in the relationship with you wholeheartedly.

Hut Psychotherapy

Each experience of therapy is as different as the two people doing it, the client and the therapist. At Hut Psychotherapy the client and I work collaboratively. I will not be looking for pathology, making diagnoses or setting out specific goals and homework. We will be developing a working relationship to attend to your needs.

I will set aside a time, usually 50 minutes, once a week, and will make time to talk with you about thoughts, feelings, behaviours and experiences. Sometimes this is focussed in the present and sometimes it will reflect on the past. Usually it is a mixture of both past and present. Therapy can sometimes be challenging, especially when thinking and talking about difficult issues. As an integrative therapist I will often reflect on what the client says, noticing what is said and unsaid and offering connections, which might be new ground. I will also notice what happens between us, since this can sometimes illuminate how past patterns of relating are repeated in the present.    

I have recommended some books and web links which are helpful if you wish to find out more about Integrative Therapy before you come along.

What is a Walking- Talking appointment?

For some people sitting still in a room, face-to-face with a therapist can be anxiety provoking. If you feel that having a traditional appointment will not suit you, perhaps meeting with me and taking a gentle walk together, while still talking about the issues troubling you, can be a useful alternative.

It is important to meet first and go through an assessment of needs, which does include some note-taking. So the first meeting might still be face-to-face in the therapy room. However it can be shorter than an hour and the therapist and client will discuss what the best approach is together. If a walking-talking appointment seems like a good idea then a regular appointment can be made to meet at a pre-defined location. In Weston-super-Mare this might be along the beach or promenade. In Bristol this could be on The Downs. Together we will walk and talk at the same time.

Contact Janet

  • Weston-super-Mare, United Kingdom
  • Also working from the Urban Fringe Dispensary, 58, Colston Street, Bristol (see link below) and Contemporary Therapies, 10 Picton Street, Bristol.
  • 07517429852
  • Bristol: I work from the Urban Fringe Dispensary on Monday 11am-7pm & Tuesday 11am-7pm. I work in Picton Street Thursday 7-10pm. Weston super Mare: Wednesday 8am-8pm. Outside these hours appointments may be possible, by arrangement. Appointments can be made by email or telephone- please get in touch. Voicemail messages are private. Text messages are not a reliable way to contact me. Please use the contact form, email or voicemail. Personal data (email address and telephone number) submitted using this contact form will be used only to make contact with you. It will not be stored beyond the period of any work we do together. Nor will it be shared with any third parties. NOTE: I try to reply within 24 hours. If you haven't heard from me check your spam folder for replies, sometimes that is where web form replies are sent.

Links and recommended reading

Useful web pages

Urban Fringe Dispensary, Bristol
Medical Herbalist and therapy centre

The School Of Life. 
This short film describes Psychotherapy and how it might be useful.

MIND The mental health charity MIND has useful information sheets about different mental health conditions. These easy to read fact sheets are very useful.

Samaritans If you feel suicidal or acutely distressed and in need of someone to talk to urgently the Samaritans are always available on the end of the telephone line.

New Dawn this is a community interest company which provides low cost counselling for individuals or couples. Some qualified some student therapists

SARSAS this is a charity specialising in support for people who have been subjected to sexual violence. they operate in Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset, Somerset and South Gloucestershire.


Couch Fiction by Phillipa Perry-
This graphic book illustrates the type of things which unfold in the therapy room.

Loves Executioners and other tales of psychotherapy by Irvin Yalom
Yalom writes in a poetic and accessible way to describe his cases. This can be illuminating when considering psychotherapy. He has many titles, equally good.

Counselling for Toads by Robert de Board
This is a text offered to counselling students and introduced Transactional Analysis but is accessible for people trying to understand relationships.

Brene Brown
Daring Greatly: How the courage to be vulnerable transforms the way we live, love, parent & lead

I don’t feel real- a guide to depersonalisation and derealisation by Carolyn Spring (Kindle document £)


Johnstone, L. & Boyle, M. with Cromby, J., Dillon, J., Harper, D., Kinderman, P., Longden, E., Pilgrim, D. & Read, J. (2018).
The Power Threat Meaning Framework: Towards the identification of patterns in emotional distress, unusual experiences and troubled or troubling behaviour, as an alternative to functional psychiatric diagnosis.
Leicester: British Psychological Society


Self compassion
5 minute self compassion break

Brene Brown talks about the power of vulnerability

Brene Brown talks about shame

Shifting from the drama triangle to the winners triangle

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How do I make an appointment?

There are several ways you could get in touch with me.

This web page has an online form which you can use to send me an email message. I will respond as soon as I can and we can correspond by email or by telephone.

You could telephone me. Because I turn my phone off sometimes this may mean you get a voicemail message. Please do leave a message and I will call you back.

You could send an SMS text. I tend to look at the end of the day and so will not reply immediately. However I do always respond to voice message, email and SMS text. 

How much is a therapy session?

My charges differ according to location.

A session in Bristol is £45. In Weston super Mare it is £40. This difference is due to the additional cost of the venue I use.

I take payment in cash or I have a card machine. Payment is made at each session. I charge for missed sessions unless 48hours notice is given.

How long will I need to attend therapy for?

Everyone has different needs, which we can discuss from the outset. I do not tend to prescribe a particular number of sessions. We decide together how therapy is going and review this periodically.

You can expect to continue for at least six weeks and some people will continue for several months or even a number of years. This depends on how you feel about therapy and what you would like the outcome to be.

Where is the therapy room?

I have two locations, in Central Bristol & Weston super Mare. Once we have made your first appointment I will send you exact details of the address and instructions for the appointment. This will include details of parking and so on.

Venues do not have a waiting room and so it is important to arrive at your appointment time.

I’m in a crisis, I need help now, what shall I do?

When you feel desperate it is important to connect with someone who you can trust. Reaching out can be hard but it will help in a time of crisis. Telephone or meet up with a friend. It may not be necessary to talk about your difficulties, instead just being in contact with someone who knows you can help you feel safe. In the middle of the night the Samaritans can help too. Telephone  116 123. You may not have to speak straight away, and they will understand how to be with you in your darkest times. Hold on, you will get through this.
I have a Facebook page where I post interesting articles about therapy and personal development. Feel free to visit my page



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